Polaris Fastening - TRI-LOK (Lockbolt/Hi-Lok Replacement Fastener)

The Polaris TRI-LOK Fastening System has been designed as a high strength, extremely light weight fastener, capable of outperforming and replacing all current Lockbolt and Hi-Lok variations, in terms of installation weight, mechanical properties of the fastener and joint, and hole preparation.  Truly, the Polaris TRI-LOK is the next generation shear pin fastener!

Inventoried as a one-piece assembly, to eliminate mismatching and ease inventory costs, this fastener is designed to have limited hole fill and can be installed into "As-Drilled Holes" providing the end user extreme cost savings to the interference fit and exacting tolerances employed by current shear pin fasteners.

Min and Max Grip Compensation allows the sleeve and pin to be flush after installation no matter the grip, and simplifies inspection.  Having three areas of engagement provides for safety backups.


By essentially incorporating the old Locking Collar within the Sleeve component, the total volume and weight is significantly reduced.

Polaris Tri-Lok meets or exceeds all published minimum mechanical properties of current shear pin fasteners, including fatigue.  For more information regarding this product please contact us.

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